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As summer is wrapping up, Eye Care Group is here to ensure that you and your family are taking proper care of your eyes. This starts with UV protection. Even after summer, the sun’s strong UV light is still a factor, especially when it’s reflecting off the snow. Using quality lenses in your eyeglasses and sunglasses is imperative in achieving maximum protection from the sun’s harmful light.

It’s a well-known fact that chronic UV light exposure, such as that from the sun, is linked to eye disorders. These include conditions such as cataracts and age-related macular degeneration, which can cause blindness. 

Eye Care group offers a fun and easy way to keep eyes protected from eye disease. To do so, we can use lenses such as the Transitions Signature GEN 8 lens in your regular eyeglasses. These state-of-the-art digital lenses block 100% of UVA & UVB rays and transition quickly. The best part is they are completely clear indoors. In addition, they offer your eyes protection from harmful blue light such as LED lights and electronic devices.

Some eyes need extra protection. At Eye Care Group we have lenses for both indoor and outdoor light sensitivity. Our transition lenses can help eliminate squinting in low light conditions, reducing wrinkles. The Transitions XTRActive lenses are a fashionable choice for any activity. 

Buying a pair of transition lenses from Eye Care Group means having two pairs of glasses built into one. If you forget your prescription sunglasses when you’re in a rush, you can have peace of mind knowing your transition lenses have you covered. 

Stop into any one of Eye Care Group’s three locations in the Edmonton area or connect with us through social media! Our friendly, knowledgeable, and professional Eye Care Group team members are always more than happy to discuss our transitions lens options.

Written by Kristiena Bobocel

Kristiena joined the Eye Care Group family business shortly after graduation while working on a degree in ophthalmics from NAIT. Over the years, Kristiena has worked in every aspect of the family business, from dispensing glasses and instructing contacts, to cutting and edging glasses and eventually taking on administrative duties.
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