The Best Prescription Sunglasses Combine Function with Style

If you wear prescription sunglasses, there’s good news. The eyewear industry has adapted to your needs. You can now easily wear prescription sun glasses and prescription sports sunglasses that are precisely matched to your prescription needs.

And you thought you had to sacrifice style for functionality! You haven’t seen the best prescription sunglasses selection in the Edmonton area. At Eye Care Group, we offer professional vision care services along with expert advice to provide our clients with the best prescription sunglasses and eye care possible.

How Do I Choose the Best Prescription Sunglasses Lenses?

With so many different choices, it’s best to ask yourself what lens will best suit your lifestyle? Most sunglasses are made with a regular CR39 plastic lens but there are other options for prescription sunglasses. Here are just a couple of examples:

  • If you enjoy outdoor sports, like water-skiing or boating, a polarized lens works well to reduce glare.
  • If you work in construction, a polycarbonate lens would offer the best protection because it’s light and shatter proof. Glass lenses are not recommended due to their heavy weight and the fact that they break easily.

Colours Mean Everything in Prescription Sunglasses

The tint of your sunglass means everything. Choosing the right color for your custom prescription sunglasses can enhance your life.

  • YELLOW/GOLD/AMBER – These tinted lenses are best in low light or foggy situations. These lenses filter out blue light and emphasize shadows so you can see bumps and breaks more effectively. These colored lenses are perfect hiking or driving sunglasses or golfing shades.
  • ROSE/PINK – Rose lenses are great for low-light or cloudy days. They are also effective in reducing glare and are pretty much efficient in all types of situations.
  • GREEN/GRAY – Dark green and gray lenses are perfect for bright sunny days. These colors reduce the strain on your eyes while keeping them comfortable. If you're looking for effective sunglasses for a day at the beach or a long walk under the sun, darker lenses will work more effectively.

Are You Familiar with the Trendsetters in Designer Prescription Sunglasses?

Prescription sunglasses cannot only be fashionable but functional too. Many of today’s hottest fashion eyewear designer sunglasses can be made into prescription sunglasses. You’ll look stunning in prescription sports sunglasses from Oakley; and no one will guess you wear bifocal lenses with discreet progressive prescription sun glasses from Nikon or Essilor.

Find Your Designer Prescription Sunglasses at Eye Care Group

With three convenient locations – Old Strathcona, downtown Edmonton, as well in St. Albert – Eye Care Group is a leader in eye care in Alberta. Not only are we focused on the health of your eyes, we strive to offer the most affluent fashionable styles in prescription sunglasses anywhere.

Drop by one of our boutiques today or call us to inquire about our monthly promotions or our eye care referral program. Eye Care Group’s designer prescription sunglasses will look great on you!