Transition Glasses In Edmonton – Two Eyeglass Lenses in One

Imagine the convenience of having only one set of eyeglass lenses for both indoor and outdoor use! Let us introduce you to Transition glasses.

Transition is the brand name for revolutionary plastic lenses that automatically darken in the presence of ultraviolet light to a perfect sunglass tint. From indoors to outdoors, you only need one pair of prescription eyeglasses.

What are Transitional Lenses made of?

Transition lenses are made of millions of molecules. When exposed to ultraviolet light, these particles undergo a chemical (photochromic) reaction, which causes them to change shape. Also known as photochromic lenses, this change in molecular structure results in the eyeglass lenses darkening automatically.

At Eye Care Group, transition lenses are available in single-vision, bifocals, trifocals, progressive lenses and sport glasses. Choose from a fabulous selection of eye care designers including Essilor, Nikon, and newly available Oakley Transition, among others.

Are Transitions the Right Choice for Me?

If you wear glasses and experience difficulty seeing when exposed to bright glaring light, then you are definitely a candidate for transition lenses.

Transition Drivewear – The New Driving Glasses

The newest Transition glasses, Drivewear, are specifically designed to meet the unique visual demands of driving. The Drivewear lens is a combination polarized lens, which cuts glare, and transition lens (photochromic/sunglass) which results in the perfect driving lens. Anyone who drives is a perfect candidate for this great multipurpose lens.

Transition Glasses – Experience the Convenience for Yourself

Walk through the door of one of our three beautiful eye care boutiques in St. Albert, on Whyte Avenue, and downtown Jasper Avenue in Edmonton and experience a new kind of eyewear shopping experience. Our comfortable atmosphere, knowledgeable vision specialists and incredible selection will convince you to never shop anywhere else for all your eye care needs.

Transition lenses, contact lenses, sports glasses – we’ll find the best fit. Contact us today to book an eye exam or visit us soon.