Improve Your Performance with Sport Sunglasses from Eye Care Group

Invest in the best equipment and watch your game improve. That holds true for sports gear as well as designer eyewear. Whether it’s glare reduction or a comfortable, secure fit, Eye Care Group can help you find non-prescription or prescription sports sunglasses that will get you back in the game.

Oakley Sport Sunglasses for the Weekend Warrior and the Serious Athlete

For the best sport sunglasses in the Edmonton area, look no further than the Eye Care Group. With three convenient locations – Whyte Avenue and downtown in Edmonton, and St. Albert – you’re sure to score with our great selection of stylish frames and functional lenses.

For activewear sunglasses, Oakley is the best choice. They are popular for every sport and can truly enhance your favorite pastime. Casual, sporty, polarized or progressive sport sunglasses... Eye Care Group has it all.

Eye Care Group’s Top Sport Sunglasses Picks:

  • running sunglasses – Minute, Half Jacket, Thump2, Razrwire
  • boating sunglasses – Polarized Water Jacket, Polarized Romeo
  • golf sunglasses – Half Jacket XLJ Golf Array
  • fishing sunglasses – Polarized Bottelcap, Polarized Unknown, Polarized Big Square Wire
  • cycling sunglasses – Half Wire XL
  • and all other types of sport sunglasses

Activewear Sunglasses from Experts in Edmonton and St. Albert

From exam to final fitting, let our experts help you find the best sport sunglasses for your needs. For you, it’s about performance. For us, it’s about the health of your eyes. Together, we’re a great team! Call today or drop by and visit us soon.