Seeing is Believing – Reading Glasses from Eye Care Group

If you’re struggling to see the page or read the fine print, perhaps it’s time for a pair of reading glasses. Investing in good quality reading glasses will allow you to read without squinting or straining your eyes.

Prescription eye glasses can be both functional and fashionable when you heed the advice of the vision care specialists at Edmonton or St. Albert’s Eye Care Group.

Rimless Bifocal Reading Glasses for Your Best Vision Possible

Whether it’s fashion rimless reading glasses for women, bifocals, progressive or transition lenses for men, we have a brand perfect for you. We carry all the best designers of reading glasses including Transitions, Nikon, Essilor and Zeiss. We care about your complete eye care health, and your satisfaction is our foremost concern.

Guaranteed Professional Eye Care, Quality Reading Glasses Every Time

From the moment you enter the doors of our Eye Care boutiques in south Edmonton, downtown Edmonton, or St. Albert, you will sense the difference between Eye Care Group and all the others. Our unique displays and our knowledge staff will impress you. And who else offers you a cappuccino while you decide on your new pair of good quality reading glasses? Call us today to book an appointment or visit soon!