Protect Your Eyes with Prescription Safety Glasses

Too many serious jobsite vision accidents occur each year; accidents that could have easily been avoided if workers were equipped with proper safety eyewear.

Prescription safety glasses are one of our specialty items at Eye Care Group in Edmonton and St Albert. We are affiliates of the OVC (Occupation Vision Care) program, whereby employers cover the cost of prescription safety lenses for employees. Ask your employer if you qualify, or contact us today for our listing of over 100 participating companies in Alberta!

Safety Glasses – Canadian Safety Approved

Order your CSA (Canadian Safety Approved) TEK or On Guard prescription safety glasses today. Eye Care Group can order safety thick lenses even if you aren’t part of an Occupational Vision Care program.

Single-vision, trifocal, progressive or bifocal safety glasses all come complete with a scratch resistant coating, anti-reflective coating, side shields and a protective eye glass case.

For Prescription Safety Lenses in the Edmonton Area, Call Eye Care Group

Whether at work or at home, prescription safety glasses will protect your eyes and help get the job done safely. Book an eye exam with our professional optometrists today for your safety glasses prescription.

Our focus is your complete eye health... because there is no price for the precious gift of sight.