Polarized Sunglasses – All The Glamour, None of the Glare

Polarized sunglasses have always been popular with sports enthusiasts or those who suffer from light sensitivity. More recently, however, men and women of all ages are discovering that polarized lenses are ideal for anyone who wants clear vision and great UV protection.

At Eye Care Group, we carry the best polarized sunglasses that combine health benefits with function and style. Our Edmonton and St. Albert locations feature all the top designer names – Chanel, Oakley, Dior and more.

How Do Polarized Sunglasses Work?

Polarized lenses reduce the glare that is reflected off flat surfaces like water, snow, roads and ice. Unlike ordinary sunglasses, polarized sunglasses filter out glare and admit only desirable light, improving clarity and reducing eyestrain.

Eye Care Group has the Best Polarized Sunglasses

Whether you’re interested in polarized sunglasses for sports or as casual fashion frames, polarized lenses are available for complicated progressive lenses to simple single vision lens designs. Our eye care professionals will help you find the perfect pair.

What’s New in Polarized Prescription Lenses?

Drivewear lenses are the new polarized prescription transition lens. This lens senses and reacts to various light conditions, both outside the car and behind the windshield. This means that your lens stays dark when you need it to and lightens when required. Drivewear lenses provide glare protection and guard vision through transition technology that responds to visible and UV light.

You’ll see the world in a different light with polarized sunglasses from Eye Care Group. Contact us for more information!