Lasik Information from an Eyewear Boutique

Eye Care Group is not only a fashion dispensary that specializes in designer eyeglasses, you can also turn to us for lasik information. At Eye Care Group in Edmonton and St. Albert, our utmost concern is your complete eye health and satisfaction.

If you are interested in lasik eye surgery, we provide comprehensive lasik information and lasik facts. We can look after your pre- and post-lasik eye surgery needs and refer you to the best laser eye surgery Edmonton has to offer.

Before and After Lasik Eye Surgery – Eye Care Group

Before surgery, our experienced optometrists will conduct a thorough baseline evaluation and eye exam to determine if you are indeed a candidate for lasik surgery. After the vision test, we will discuss the benefits and risks of lasik surgery and answer all your questions. We want to ensure you know exactly what to expect before and after lasik eye surgery.

Keep in mind, it’s possible that some individuals will still require some form of vision correction after lasik eye surgery.

Eye Health After Lasik Eye Surgery

Eye Care Group will still be your eye care provider. Even if you don’t need stylish prescription eye wear, you still need annual eye health examinations. Remember, our focus is not in selling expensive eyewear, it’s taking care of all your vision needs – for a lifetime.

Let us help you sift through all the lasik information available to make an informed decision about your precious eyesight. Contact us or drop by today!