Are You Wondering How to Put in Contact Lenses?

"I need tips on putting contact lenses in because I’m a little squeamish about inserting something directly in my eye."

If this sounds familiar, or if you have a problem fitting contact lenses, we can give you some useful tips on how to put in contact lenses.

  1. Make sure your hands are clean and rinsed well.
  2. Pour contents of your contact lens case into your cupped hand and pour saline solution onto it, allowing the excess solution to run through your fingers.
  3. On the tip of your dominant index finger, put the contact lens facing downward.
  4. Roll your eye upwards, lower your eyelid outward and gently place the contact lens on the lower part of the eyeball.
  5. Release your eyelid; close your eye and gently rub eyelid to help center the contact lens.

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