Farsightedness Correction

Do you squint while you read your morning newspaper or get headaches after using the computer? Perhaps you are farsighted. Farsightedness affects about one quarter of the population. Farsightedness, or the technical term hyperopia, means that individuals can see distance objects well, but have difficulty seeing objects up close.

A farsighted eyeball is shorter than normal, so light is focused behind the retina instead of directly on it. Many children who are born with farsightedness will outgrow this vision problem as the eyeball lengthens. However, for children who don’t outgrow it, or for the adult who is farsighted, farsighted vision correction is easily achieved.

Farsighted Vision Correction from Eye Care Group

At Eye Care Group in Edmonton or St. Albert, we have vision specialists who can help you with farsightedness correction. During a comprehensive eye exam, we assess your general eye health and determine a farsighted prescription. The types of lenses available to you are extensive – from single vision lenses and progressive lenses to transitions.

Eye Care Group can also assist you in selecting the right pair of contact lenses as an alternative to your designer eyewear, or a stylish pair of sunglasses. For farsighted vision correction, Eye Care Group has it all.

Frustrated with Farsighted Vision?

Our eye care professionals are ready to provide complete vision care, from vision testing and eye health examinations to contacts or glasses and even vision therapy for farsightedness. Visit us at any of our Edmonton or St. Albert boutiques. Our staff is knowledgeable and friendly and our eye care boutiques are comfortable and stylish, with a fantastic selection of fashion eyewear from which to choose. Prepare to experience optometry services like never before. We look forward to seeing you soon!