Computer Eye Strain – A Modern Age Hazard

Reality is, our eyes haven’t evolved to accommodate modern office technology. We are not yet accustomed to spending hours in close proximity to a computer screen. As a result, computer eye strain is a common workplace hazard.

Symptoms of computer eye strain include blurred vision and headaches, as well as a host of other symptoms.

An Eye Test may Point to Eye Sight Correction

If you are experiencing computer eye strain, computer vision testing is the first step to relieving your symptoms. Here are some other strategies you should consider:

  • correct workstation conditions
  • improving posture
  • stress-relieving lenses
  • eye exercises
  • nutritional supplementation

Vision tests, eye sight correction, and appropriate eye care products may help alleviate the symptoms of computer eye strain. All are available at our Eye Care Group boutiques in Edmonton and St. Albert.

Computer Eye Strain – Eye Care Group is Here to Help

Computers are our future. It’s likely that our time in front of the computer will only increase, so it’s essential we develop successful methods for dealing with computer eye strain.

Book your computer vision testing today with the experienced optometrists at Eye Care Group. Then let our professional vision specialists offer advice on how to reduce computer eye strain and improve your general eye health. Contact us today!