Compare Contact Lenses with Eye Care Group

For complete contact lenses information and hard to fit contact fittings, Eye Care Group carries a comprehensive selection of contact lenses from the most respected manufacturers like Bausch & Lomb, Acuvue and CIBA Vision.

Sometimes its difficult to choose which lens will work best for you. Let our eye care professionals work with you. They can help you choose the style and design best suited for you.

How Do I Start?

You must see an optometrist for a complete eye health examination. A contact lens fitting can then be done by an optometrist or a licenced contact lens fitter. Eye Care Group has both. This process is required even if you don’t have a prescription, since contact lenses are medical devices.

Progressive Lenses, Disposable Contact Lenses... How Do I Choose?

When you compare contact lenses, several types may seem appropriate. How do you know what’s right for you?

Ask us – experts in the field, as well as in contact lenses information. Certain contact lenses are designed for particular vision correction, for example, toric lenses for astigmatism and progressive lenses for bifocal wearers. Here are a few other options to consider:

  • most contact lenses are offered in a soft or rigid design
  • colored contact lenses are fun and fashionable
  • disposable contact lenses – daily, weekly or monthly

Contact lenses information and shopping can be overwhelming. Don’t worry. Our eye care specialists can help you compare contact lenses and make the best decision. Our contact lenses are easily accessible and usually only take a few days to order. We will even ship them to you if you find this more convenient.

Also ask us about our bundled products. Often you can order a complete year supply and save. Our contact lens professionals are always available to answer any and all of your questions and concerns.

Compare Contact Lenses but not Contact Lenses Providers

It may be challenging to choose between contact lenses, but selecting your contact lens provider is simple. Eye Care Group in St. Albert and south and downtown Edmonton is the logical choice. Professional eye care, knowledgeable advice, a great selection of contact lenses, trendy, yet comfortable and inviting boutiques... we’ve got it all. We even will take your contact lens order by phone, providing you have a current eye health and contact lens prescription. Eye Care Group has your best interests in mind. Contact us today to book an eye exam or drop by in person!