Colored Contacted Lenses for Function or Fashion

Colored contact lenses work well for every day use because they come in many prescriptions. They are so much fun that we find many people with perfect vision wear non-prescription colored contacts as a fashion statement!

Do you want a fun fashion accessory? Express yourself with CIBA Vision’s WildEyes. These unique color contact lenses can completely transform your look.

Various Reasons to Consider Color Contact Lenses

There are 4 different types of colored contact lenses:

  • Visible tint colored contacts are light blue or green for handling purposes. They don’t change eye color.
  • Enhancement tints are colored contact lenses that enhance existing eye color.
  • Opaque color tints change eye color completely.
  • Light-filtering tints are the latest technology in custom colored contacts. Designed for sport use and work, they enhance certain colors while muting others. They can help an athlete see the ball or course more clearly.

Can I Purchase Non-Prescription Colored Contacts?

Contact lenses can only be sold with a valid eye health examination from your optometrist. However, colored contacts are available as plano lenses (non-prescription) and have become a popular fashion accessory among women and teens. Remember that colored contact lenses are considered medical devices and should never be shared.

Eye Care Group Has the Perfect Coloured Contacts for You

If you like trying new looks, come visit one of our Eye Care Group boutiques in St. Albert or in Edmonton, on Whyte Avenue or Jasper Avenue, and take advantage of a free trial pair of color contact lenses.

Whether you’re picking out glasses or colored contacts, we make the process fun, easy and comfortable. Enjoy a cappuccino while you shop, then walk out with striking prescription or non-prescription colored contacts.