Bifocal Sunglasses – See Clearly One Day at a Time

If you wear bifocal reading glasses, but assumed that bifocal sunglasses weren’t available, you haven’t consulted the vision care specialists at Eye Care Group in Edmonton and St. Albert.

Did you know that there are designer bifocal reading sunglasses, bifocal prescription sunglasses and even polarized bifocal sunglasses? The list of quality products that Eye Care Group can provide for you is extensive; and because our focus is your complete eye care health, we make it our priority to take care of all your needs, from your initial eye exam to your final bifocal sunglasses fitting.

How Do Bifocal Prescription Sunglasses Work?

Bifocal lenses are actually two lenses in one. These corrective sunglasses have a single visible line separating two view zones. The upper part of the bifocal sunglasses lens corrects distance vision, while the lower part is for near correction.

The Better Bifocal

Eye Care Group also offers a wide selection of progressives (gradual correction – no visible line). In fact, progressive lenses are the best choice for someone with a near visual impediment. The gradual separation between distance and near provides clear vision at all optical levels. These progressive lenses are available as prescription sunglasses and come in all colors, even as polarized bifocal sunglasses. Eye Care Group carries only the finest eyewear – Crizal and Nikon to name only a few.

No Line Bifocal Sunglasses and So Much More!

There are many different types of progressive and no line bifocals available in today’s optical world. Eye Care Group prides themselves on working with only the finest progressive lenses available. The best part about progressive lenses is that, unlike bifocals, no one knows your wearing a bifocal lens. Progressive lenses are also the closest to natural vision, providing smooth natural transition between distance and near vision, as well as the intermediate vision that is not available with bifocal lenses.

So whether you’re reading the program at a football game, your favourite novel at the beach, or the newspaper on your front porch, no line bifocal sunglasses or progressive sunglasses provide clear vision at all levels and, best of all, protection from the sun.

Visit us at Eye Care Group for all your eye care needs and a comfortable, unique shopping experience. Book an appointment today!