Double the Trouble? Bifocal Glasses from Eye Care Group

If you’ve always required glasses for distance, but are now having difficulty with your near vision, you may need a prescription for bifocal glasses. Or, if you require more intermediate vision correction, progressive glasses that eliminate the bifocal line may be a better option. After a thorough eye exam from our eye care specialists at one of our Eye Care Group locations in Edmonton or St. Albert, we can determine if you require bifocal eyeglasses or progressive eyeglasses.

Our eye care professionals usually recommend progressive eyeglasses over bifocal glasses because they offer more complete visual comfort. They also allow for increased intermediate vision and gradual prescription changes so you can carry on with your favourite activities.

Bifocals Lenses in All Your Favorite Designer Frames

A prescription for bifocals doesn’t mean you can’t wear the most stylish eyewear available! Choose from Alan Milki or Bellinger, or other popular manufacturers. With our great selection from the hottest eye glasses designers, you can fit your bifocal lenses into almost any of our fashion frames.

Bifocal Eyeglasses – Just One of Our Specialities

When you visit us at one of our boutiques on Whyte Avenue or Jasper Avenue in Edmonton, or in St. Albert, you will soon discover that we are much more than your typical eye care dispensary. While our primary concern is your complete vision health, we also guarantee you will leave looking your best. Ask about our incredible referral program and our exclusive 2-year warranty when you book your eye exam!