Bifocal Contact Lenses from Eye Care Group

Have you assumed that because you wear bifocals, you can’t wear contact lenses? Bifocal contact lenses, or progressive contact lenses, are available from the vision specialists at Eye Care Group in Edmonton and St. Albert.

New Bifocal Contact Lens Technology from Leading Manufacturers

At Eye Care Group, we offer the latest in new bifocal contact lens technology, including the new silicone hydrogel soft bifocal contact lens design that is available in disposable and frequent replacements.

We have partnered with the finest eye care manufacturers, such as Bausch and Lomb, Johnson & Johnson and CIBA Vision, to fit you with bifocal contact lenses that are most appropriate for your prescription and your lifestyle.

When you visit any of our beautiful Eye Care Group boutiques, our experienced vision specialists will thoroughly examine your eyes and determine if your best fit is simultaneous, concentric or an alternating contacts lens design.

Progressive Lenses from Progressive Eye Care Specialists

Progressive lenses are similar to bifocal contact lenses, but both distance and near prescriptions are blended into one. The result is not only clear distance and near vision, but intermediate vision as well.

Our eye care professionals are very qualified to assist in fitting all types of bifocal contacts lenses and progressive contact lenses. We combine true professional eye care service with a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere. Our professional service will have you recommending us to all your friends. Call today to book an appointment or drop in for a brief consultation.