Eye Care Professionals Correct Astigmatism for All Ages

Astigmatism, an irregular curve on the cornea (front covering of the eye) or lens (located just behind the cornea), is the most common vision problem among adults. Astigmatism in children is more popular than people think, but often goes undiagnosed because children are less likely to complain about the symptoms (blurred vision, headaches, and eyestrain). However, this can be caught with early and routine eye tests.

Poor eyesight and astigmatism are often found in combination. Since nearsightedness and farsightedness can accompany astigmatism, it’s essential that a test be performed during an annual eye exam to determine if an astigmatism correction is needed. You will receive all this and more at Eye Care Group.

Eye Care Group – Experts in Eyesight and Astigmatism

Astigmatism correction can be achieved through prescription glasses, contact lenses or refractive surgery, and is usually a very easy problem to fix. Designer eyeglasses or sunglasses can correct your astigmatism, even if you need progressive lenses or a high index lens.

Our eye care specialists are experts in optimum eyesight and astigmatism correction, and are interested in becoming your partner in complete eye health and vision care. Book an eye health examination to determine if you require astigmatism correction at either our Whyte Avenue, downtown Jasper Avenue, or our quaint St. Albert location and let us take care of all your eye care needs. Astigmatism correction is easy with Eye Care Group!